As fall takes over and a chill is in the air, there is nothing like a hot drink to warm you from the inside out. Midtown Toronto has an abundance of cafés featuring handcrafted hot beverages, freshly brewed coffee and exotic teas to cater to the caffeinated crowd. Whether strolling to work, enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon or meeting friends to catch up, these four coffee shops offer something for everyone, even for the decaf folks.

Istanbul Café
Located at the corner of Eglinton and Redpath, Istanbul Café is an independently owned shop celebrating the culture and fare of Turkey. Turkish coffee is prepared quite differently than the usual drip version: the beans are ground into a very fine powder, then mixed with cold water and heated to almost boiling, finally being poured into a warmed espresso sized cup, and served with a side of Turkish delight.

If Turkish coffee isn’t for you, Istanbul Café offers traditional espressos, cappuccinos, drip coffee and the trendy flat white. If you’re peckish, beautiful handmade Turkish pastries and savouries are on the menu. Baklava, stuffed grape leaves, spinach borek and lentil soup are all fan favourites. And if you prefer to have your meal with a nice refreshing beer, Istanbul Café carries Efes, the number one Mediterranean beer in the world.


De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters
A micro roaster and café, De Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters is named after Francisco de Melo Palheta, a Portugese coffee purveyor sent by Portuguese royalty to French New Guinea in 1893 to obtain coffee seeds. The interior of De Mello Palheta features stylish design and coffee brewing contraptions that line the shelves down the long narrow café. This is a true coffee connoisseur’s haven, with multiple brewing techniques and house roasted beans. Their custom espresso and rustic pastries offer a taste experience that goes beyond the regular coffee shop. Plus, you can purchase their expertly roasted beans to make a mean brew in the comfort of your own home. At Yonge and Keewatin, just north of Eglinton.


Rachel’s Coffee House
The aroma of coffee, tea and croissants are intoxicating inside the contemporary and cozy Rachel’s Coffee House. Owned by longtime coffee veterans, all coffee and tea offerings are fair-trade and organic. With an emphasis on natural ingredients, everything on the menu is prepared fresh daily, including their gluten-free baked items like muffins and cookies. This brightly lit and tastefully decorated shop is perfect for a hot drink on a cool autumn day. Located at Yonge and Glebe, just North of Davisville.


Caffé Demetré
Caffé Demetré is for the sweet toothed café-goers, with over 50 sweet treats to satisfy your sugary cravings. From Nutella filled crepes to their pumpkin apple brûlée cheesecake, their sweets are not for the faint of heart. With premium artisanal handcrafted desserts served alongside beautifully created hot beverages, Caffé Demetré does dessert right in a colourful sit-down restaurant at Eglinton and Redpath.


Photos from café websites,, respectively.