We’ve all heard that moving is one of the most stressful events in one’s life. The move to a new apartment rental can take both a mental and a physical toll. However, it doesn’t have to be so bad. This article will explore how to make the move to your new apartment rental in Toronto much easier.

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Step #1 – Pack like a pro

Packing like a professional means packing well in advance. Prioritise the non-essentials in your house and pack them first, followed by your day-to-day items. TIP: Pack an overnight bag on the day of the move so you’re not digging through boxes after a long day of moving.

Packing Tips:

  • Vacuum seal clothing
  • Pack stemware glasses with the stem up
  • Stack plates on their edges
  • Wrap fragile items in clothing, bubble wrap or newspaper
  • Number your boxes
  • Label and pack each box based on their destination (ie. kitchen, master bedroom)
  • Pack in layers
  • Make sure each box is packed “solid”

Step #2 – Pick your box – cardboard vs. plastic

You may want to use plastic moving boxes instead of traditional cardboard boxes. Not only do plastic boxes better protect your items, there are a variety of rental services in Toronto that will drop boxes off at your current address and pick them up at your new apartment rental.

Step #3 – Forward your mail

Don’t miss important notices and avoid annoying the new tenants of your old address by making sure to forward your mail. Canada Post recommends you set up mail forwarding 1 month prior to the service start date. You can purchase this service online or at any Canada Post Office.


Step #4 – Book your elevator

Almost all apartments in Toronto will require you to reserve an elevator in advance. Some buildings will also require a damage deposit. Be sure to book the elevator well in advance to ensure a smooth and timely move in.

Step #5 – Switch your utilities

Once you have a move in date, call your utilities providers to inform them of your move and to switch your services to your new apartment rental, or sign up for a sub-metering provider if offered at your building. You can also schedule installation dates for utilities like your internet.

Step #6 – Sell or donate used clothes or household items

Moving is a great time to “clean house” while also saving valuable space in your moving boxes. Allocate some time before your move for a garage sale and/or donate items to local charities like the Salvation Army, Value Village, and the Canadian Diabetes Association Clothesline.  


Step #7 – Pre-move the basics

If your new apartment rental is within driving distance, we suggest doing a quick preliminary move with basics like an overnight bag, tea & coffee, bathroom supplies, etc. Don’t forget food and drinks for your friends if they are helping you move!  

Step #8 – Learn about all your building’s amenities

Every apartment needs to be able to supply the essential amenities. Talk to the concierge or manager of your new apartment rental to learn about the different amenities they offer. This is a good opportunity to learn about amenities that require in-advance bookings like BBQs or hidden amenities like guest apartment rentals.

Step #9 – Renting / leasing parking spots and lockers

Secure a parking spot through your rental process to ensure you have a spot as soon as you move in. Most buildings offer visitor parking, which can be convenient on moving day for all of your helpers. If you find that you need additional storage space for your car tires or holiday decorations, ask your building manager if there are lockers available. Typically buildings offer locker rentals for a fee.

Step #10 – Discover your neighbourhood’s local hot spots

Whether it’s a new trendy espresso bar in Midtown Toronto or a hot new restaurant at Yonge and Eglinton, every neighbourhood has something to offer. Take some time and walk around your new neighbourhood!


Taking your time and following the tips above will help make your next move stress-free and easy. If you’re still looking for a new apartment rental in Midtown Toronto, check out our latest listings here.