Finding the right apartment to rent in Toronto can take a significant amount of time.  Because the search can be a little exhausting, it can become quite easy to just settle on a place because it looks okay on the surface. When we do that, however, there can be many factors of the lease that may leave you regretting your decision.

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You are searching for the next apartment and neighbourhood you want to call your own for a significant amount of time. That’s why it’s important to take the time, find out exactly what you want, do the necessary research, and especially,  ask the important questions when moving into your new Toronto apartment.

To ensure you don’t become the next victim of “renter’s remorse”, try getting answers to some of the following questions the next time you look for an apartment. Let’s put on our detective caps and dig in.

1. What are the terms of the lease?

Before you look at the apartment, you should be aware of the basic terms of the lease. If it isn’t provided clearly by the landlord, you need to be sure exactly how long the lease is, and exactly what costs you are responsible for. Additionally, it helps to know if there any rules or policies that may conflict with your ability to enjoy the apartment (quiet hours, painting restriction, etc.).

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2. What is included in the rent?

You may be sold on the price you saw online, but in many cases, that number you saw is not going to represent your total cost each month. It’s important to factor in whether that price includes heating, cooling, electricity, water, gas, cable and television.

If an apartment is offered at a price below your monthly budget, it still could cost significantly more once all of the added costs are applied.

3. Is it a pet-friendly apartment?

You might own a pet, or may be open to getting one in the near future. In either case, it’s important to find out up front if you are moving into a pet-friendly apartment or not. Some apartments charge deposits and fees for pet owners, so it is worth seeing if that is the case. Most apartments will simply ask you to agree to a few terms. Click to view this standard pet agreement form.

There are many Toronto pet-friendly apartments for rent, but some are more welcoming than others. Apart from asking if pets are simply allowed or not, it’s worth finding out if the environment is suitable for pets as well. Are their local parks around? Pet shops? Is the community you’re moving into populated with other pet owners?

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4. What amenities do I have access to in the apartment?

In a previous blog post, we touched on 8 Essential Amenities Every Toronto Apartment Should Have. It is crucial to your quality of life to have access to certain things like a 24/7 gym, extra storage, in-suite washer/dryer, and more.

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An average gym membership at Goodlife Fitness costs $60 a month. When your apartment is able to provide a fitness facility, free of charge, in the same building, as well as a pool, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

5. How secure is the apartment?

It’s hard to enjoy your luxury apartment when you don’t feel safe. That’s why it’s important to get an idea of the neighbourhood, and just how safe it actually is. In addition to asking about the neighbourhood, take your time to scope it out a little as well.

You can take solace if your apartment features a concierge service. They are there to protect the residents of the apartment at all hours of the day or night.

6. What if the apartment is in need of emergency repairs?

Hopefully the  apartment you move into will be fitted with up-to-date appliances that won’t break. However, in an instance where you may deal with a broken appliance, you need to make sure you can get it fixed promptly. Ask which hours maintenance is available, how fast they can see you, and the typical protocol for dealing with an emergency.

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7. What is the neighbourhood like?

If the apartment fits your lifestyle that’s great. It’s also important that the neighbourhood does as well. Would you prefer the hustle and bustle of living in the downtown core, or the more spacious midtown apartments for rent?

Become more familiar with the restaurants, parks, transportation, safety and other aspects of a neighbourhood to ensure it’s the right one for you.

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For more insight into choosing the right Toronto apartment for rent, stay tuned to the Shiplake Properties blog. We also invite you to discover our available midtown apartments for rent located at Yonge and Eglinton and Davisville Village!