Winter is in full swing. It’s time to embrace another cold winter in Toronto. From the end of November until March, cold air and slushy ground can be a pain. That being said, surviving winter can be easy – especially if you rent the right Toronto apartment.

We’ll spare you the lecture your mother used to give you about wearing a pair of gloves, coat, scarf other required winter attire. Instead, we will explore how to best enjoy the delights of the snow-covered city, and how to get the most out of your Toronto apartment during the winter months.

1. Enjoy the Great Indoors

One of the benefits of not being able to go outside is to enjoy the cozy environment of the great indoors. There are many things you can pick up that will make your apartment extra cozy during the winter. Consider purchasing a throw blanket for the couch, a boot tray to protect your floors from any outside slush you may track in, warm socks, slippers, and perhaps a handy machine that can brew a coffee, hot chocolate, or tea in no time!
warm coffee

Depending on your apartment rental, there may be many great amenities to enjoy. Fitness centres, indoor pools and yoga studios will make your time spent indoors much more enjoyable. Living in an apartment with the essential indoor amenities is crucial – especially during the cold Toronto winter.

2. Enjoy the Many Winter Activities in Toronto

The average temperature during a Toronto January can range anywhere from −1 °C to −7 °C. As cold as it is, that doesn’t stop Torontonians from enjoying the outdoors. Toronto is full of fun activities to enjoy in the winter. Of course, you can go outside, build a snowman and make snow angels, but the city has so much more to offer. Take some time to enjoy the winter wonderland that is the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District, go ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square, or take in a Raptors or Maple Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre.

toronto christmas market

If you are in for an adventure, there are also many great winter getaways as far as an hour up north by car or bus. Skiing and snowboarding isn’t too far away at Horseshoe Valley and Blue Mountain.

3. Get Around in the Toronto Winter Weather

If you’re used to cycling, then you may need to lock up your bicycle in storage and pick up a TTC metropass. That being said, many brave Torontonians will stay on their bikes all year long. At the time this article was posted, an adult  TTC metropass costs $141.50 for the month. While you can expect the subway cars to be packed, it is still a safe, fast, and reliable way to get around.

biking in toronto winter

There are some mornings where the snow can build up so if you’re driving it’s best to do so more cautiously. It may be a little easier to depend on an Uber or taxi to get you to your destination. That being said, snow plows in Toronto work overnight to ensure safe travel.

4. Find Your Ideal Toronto Apartment Rental

As we mentioned previously, having an apartment with a collection of essential amenities is crucial. Winter will seem to go by far quicker when you’re swimming laps in your indoor pool after all. Instead of working up the courage to survive the Toronto cold, find an apartment building that will make the winter months go by much faster.

The last thing you want to worry about when you are at home is an apartment that is too cold, drafty windows, freezing pipes, and a property manager who isn’t willing to do anything about it.

Affordable Luxury Apartments In Midtown Toronto

If you’re looking forward to a stress-free lifestyle this winter, there are many great apartment rentals located in Midtown Toronto. The recently launched Balliol Park and the upcoming Lillian Park apartments are brand new and built with Toronto winters in mind. Take some time to review the apartment rental options on the Shiplake Properties website. Refer to our blog for more advice on Midtown Toronto Apartment living.