Whether you’re looking for apartments in North Toronto (aka Midtown Toronto) or any part of the city, a majority of the decision comes down to the features of the neighbourhood. Even the nicest apartment in Toronto would be hard to enjoy if there weren’t the right neighbourhood amenities around you.

In this article, we will break down some neighbourhood factors that are important to renters, and show why many are loving their North Toronto apartments.

1. Commuting times

Whether you’re commuting to work downtown or somewhere around the GTA, residents of North Toronto can depend on their solid transit infrastructure. Locals can rely on TTC subways and buses, quick access to the major highways, or cycling trails to get to work consistently and on a regular schedule.

For more details such as commute times and upcoming improvements to public transit infrastructure in the area, read our blog  “What Commuting is Like In Your Midtown Toronto Apartment”.

2. Shopping & Nightlife

Yonge & Eglinton is considered by many to be the hub of fun and entertainment in North Toronto – and for good reason. Residents can enjoy shopping in over 65 stores at the RioCan Yonge-Eglinton Centre, good food and drinks at some of the several great local restaurants and bars, and a show at some of the local jazz clubs, movie theatres, or comedy clubs.

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3. Parks & Trails

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A common gripe among those living in downtown Toronto is the lack of the available green space. When living in a North Toronto apartment, you’re never too far from lush greenery. If you are looking to log more steps on your step counter, take out your bicycle for some trail riding, or take the dog out for a walk, there are several parks and trails in North Toronto waiting to be explored. For the best trails in the neighbourhood, read our guide entitled “Midtown Toronto: Exploring the Nearby Trails”.

4. A Better Balance Than Downtown Toronto Apartments

We previously wrote a blog comparing Downtown and North Toronto Apartments. In that post, we determined that North Toronto apartments offer less traffic, less noise, and still delivers the full Toronto experience. Midtown Toronto offers residents the fun and excitement of living downtown, with the added benefit of beautiful, quiet, and peaceful neighbourhoods. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, but to many, the benefits of life in North Toronto speak louder than life in the downtown core.

5. Good Eats

Whether you’re having a long day or looking to make an impression on a first date, we need great local restaurants to survive. Residents in North Toronto have it good in that department. Midtown Toronto features a wide array of dining options within walking distance that will be able to successfully fulfil anyone’s appetite. In the morning a full plate of warm breakfast at Boom awaits! The great intimate atmosphere and dining experience at North 44 serves as a great example of the many fine establishments in the area.

We highlight some of the great local restaurants in our “Guide to Shopping, Dining & Entertainments in Midtown Toronto”.

6. Great North Toronto Apartments For Rent

The neighbourhoods that make up North Toronto make it a great destination for apartment living. What’s better is that North Toronto is home to many great Midtown Toronto Apartments for rent.

Balliol Park North Toronto Apartments serve as an example of one of those buildings that combine great apartment amenities with the great Midtown Toronto neighbourhood. With its features like a rooftop pool, fitness centres, brand new appliances, in-suite washer/dryers and several other condo-style amenities.

lillian park north toronto apartments

With Balliol Park already gaining so much interest, the suites have filled up fast. Over 90% of the suites have already been rented out. If you are interested, we advise you review what Balliol Park has to offer you.

Coming just on the horizon, the future of North Toronto apartment living will soon be shown in the upcoming Lillian Park project. Stay tuned to the Shiplake Properties website to hear more about this stunning new North Toronto apartment building.